Where can I get these discs?

This page used to contained a short list of places where you might actually be able to purchase items such as these. However, events have shown that providing this kind of information is not in the best interest of both the person providing said information, as well as the store or shop themselves.

Thus, this page will not contain information on specific places to purchase these items. However, you can be assured that most major metropolitan areas and college towns have places that carry these titles. They are also available through many mail-order shops. All you have to do is look and ask around.

A good place to start is with an Internet search engine. Just type in the name of a title you are looking for and scan the results.

Also keep in mind that this discography lists over 450 titles! Out of those, only 10 to 15 may actually be available at any given time. The others are all out of print.

Please do not send me e-mail asking about this policy or where you might be able to find these titles. I do not know of anyone selling any of these titles at this time.

Thank you.

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