[Cover art of 'Slummin' It!']
Slummin' It!
Format:Compact Disc
Label:Aces High - AH CD 020
Source: (see notes)

  1. Shot Down In Flames (Unreleased VH) 4:40
  2. I Wanna Be Your Lover (Unreleased VH) 3:14
  3. In For The Kill (Budgie) 5:02
  4. Take Your Whiskey Home 3:36
  5. Wildfire (Unreleased VH) 2:00
  6. Fools 5:07
  7. Walk Away (James Gang) 3:23
  8. Kissing & Squeezing (Unreleased VH) 3:07
  9. Bullet Head (Unreleased VH) 3:12
  10. On Fire 4:17
  11. I'm The One 4:21
  12. D.O.A. 4:18
  13. Running With The Devil 4:33
  14. Ice Cream Man 4:35
  15. In A Simple Rhyme 5:51

Total Time - 61:16


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The back of 'Slummin' It!'

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