[Cover art of 'Schools Out']
Schools Out
Format:Compact Disc (Homemade CD-R)
Label:LIVE1 Productions - 1999 Live1 Records - 021475
Source: Pasadena High School
The Village Recorder (LA)
Electric Ladyland Studios (NY)

  1. I Wanna Be Your Lover% 3:05
  2. In For The Kill% 5:34
  3. Take Your Whiskey Home% 3:37
  4. Wildfire% 3:34
  5. Chevrolet^ 2:25
  6. Maybe I'm A LEO^ 3:14
  7. Brown Sugar^ 3:55
  8. And We All Had A Real Good Time^ 3:34
  9. Walk Away^ 4:07
  10. Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo^ 4:51
  11. Don't Call Us, We'll Call You^ 3:44
  12. I Live With Fools^ 5:53
  13. House Of Pain+ 3:36
  14. Runnin' With The Devil+ 3:23

Total Time - 54:32


[Back of 'Schools Out']
The back of 'Schools Out'

The inside-back of 'Schools Out'
The under-tray of 'Schools Out'


01-I Wanna Be Your Lover.flac:cd530fe45852a51403f939c2b48a0051
02-In For The Kill.flac:9cdc15d30b4a3d7fa4f679ae03744a27
03-Take Your Whiskey Home.flac:186986f1e83a5c294775e5cd7c4beef2
06-Maybe I'm A Leo.flac:3461feaeb34f8adadd0cc46c9990524e
07-Brown Sugar.flac:78a78ad18521e6ad4882a8cbd3ea1043
08-And We All Had A Real Good Time.flac:6ea59c6719feb60dfff0c193ecd86098
09-Walk Away.flac:0698cdf7ba31dd9344d5a43ca75eda8a
10-Rock & Roll Hochie Koo.flac:f2378ccf9f14d16ad75393a1ced1ba8a
11-Don't Call Us.flac:d8762fa16f1585b263dce6a8afe72f7a
12-I Live With Fools.flac:70dd1b05776d2c4a78db358f7be9c45d
13-House Of Pain.flac:758d4e5036dd8dd7320a7fe501cbc2e9
14-Runnin' With The Devil.flac:e3cc33eebeb0f70cac2dc396bcdaa74d

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