[Cover art of 'Rules are for Fools']
Rules are for Fools
Format:2 LP's
Label:International Records
1155 Broadway
New York, NY 10015
Rock Solid - RSR240 (A-D)
Source: (see notes)

    Side 1

  1. On Fire
  2. I'm the One
  3. Just What You Wanted
  4. No More Waiting
  5. Eruption
  6. D.O.A.

    Side 2

  7. Stop Tryin'
  8. Bullet Head
  9. You Really Got Me
  10. Walk Away

    Side 3

  11. Fools
  12. In for The Kill
  13. Take Your Whiskey Home
  14. Ain't Talk 'bout Love
  15. On Fire

    Side 4

  16. Untitled Demo
  17. House of Pain
  18. Runnin' With The Devil
  19. Young & Wild
  20. Real Go Getter


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The back of 'Rules are for Fools'

Side 1 of 'Rules are for Fools'
Side 2 of 'Rules are for Fools'
Side 3 of 'Rules are for Fools'
Side 4 of 'Rules are for Fools'

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