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Remember The Heroes
Format:2 Compact Discs (Homemade CD-R)
Source: Allen County War Memorial Coliseum - Ft. Wayne, IN - November 11, 2004

Disc 1
  1. Intro 2:41
  2. Jump 4:35
  3. Runaround 5:05
  4. Humans Being 5:35
  5. Up For Breakfast 5:06
  6. Bass Solo 2:34
  7. Somebody Get Me A Doctor 4:04
  8. Poundcake 6:05
  9. It's About Time 4:28
  10. Drum Solo 5:19
  11. Top Of The World 4:06
  12. Unchained 3:30
  13. Why Can't This Be Love? 3:44
  14. Intro / Palm Tree Blues 3:28
  15. Eagles Fly 5:17

Disc 1 Time - 65:39

Disc 2
  1. I Can't Drive 55 2:32
  2. The Seventh Seal 5:37
  3. Best Of Both Worlds 5:27
  4. Guitar Solo 19:57
  5. Dreams 4:43
  6. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love 4:42
  7. Right Now 7:07
  8. Encore 3:39
  9. You Really Got Me 2:52
  10. Panama 5:29
  11. When It's Love 6:51

Disc 2 Time - 68:57

Total Running Time - 134:36




11febc29892e69056cbf56465b00a41c *disc one11-11-04\01 intro.flac
a67be7019a514d08e246cfce52c2c551 *disc one11-11-04\02 Jump.flac
f3e3ff80c0df684c348f6fb8f40589f1 *disc one11-11-04\03 Runaround.flac
9868935ec019d4ea0cc75a73748463d6 *disc one11-11-04\04 Humans Being.flac
3ad1d4cd7b9659c1aab24558389290d7 *disc one11-11-04\05 Up For Breakfast.flac
2803f5981c2b2c1fbc95befd5e5dfbd0 *disc one11-11-04\06 Bass Solo.flac
a388b898c274904a48bc207f1c94d6ce *disc one11-11-04\07 Sombody Get Me A Doctor.flac
260f56229add17682371d3cb7836a008 *disc one11-11-04\08 Poundcake.flac
60c33b1f34c3a833f56a2ebff93c1a37 *disc one11-11-04\09 It's About Time.flac
f3a4f8820b65ddfe2cf8d3060a0e951d *disc one11-11-04\10 Drum Solo.flac
c511f98e3db5c4262337ed4387e64f8e *disc one11-11-04\11 Top Of The World.flac
bbaa10f5d5b70cc13a9d57cdda1e6b97 *disc one11-11-04\12 Unchained.flac
632cc2f2b76c586e6159534f13c25c77 *disc one11-11-04\13 Why Can't This Be Love.flac
6369805a807e3e567965d461e667e0a0 *disc one11-11-04\14 intro-Palm Tree Blues.flac
f2e2c868b9e142e3e850bd958f7563a7 *disc one11-11-04\15 Eagles Fly.flac
bd3dfe91a578ae9af74794912506cfa9 *disc two11-11-04\01 I Can't Drive 55.flac
73e0142e407187855c79b3e37547bd21 *disc two11-11-04\02 The Seventh Seal.flac
237ea2b05496ae7fb964aaea45c86850 *disc two11-11-04\03 Best Of Both Worlds.flac
846ebbc5f4a972b025f8c84b904a229b *disc two11-11-04\04 Guitar Solo.flac
628a4b42583f78092bb172084bb22099 *disc two11-11-04\05 Dreams.flac
e18a6d51b6dc7061436276dca0484e46 *disc two11-11-04\06 Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love.flac
731618e6bf7830f0ec4996adbb1a33f4 *disc two11-11-04\07 Right Now.flac
d5922230eeeaacf453b95ef83da5f5f8 *disc two11-11-04\08 encore.flac
936d2ef5ee5ed541d8a33a0bfeed2ed1 *disc two11-11-04\09 You Really Got Me.flac
47999a6421dca3dffc40bd9c9ffd1b6d *disc two11-11-04\10 Panama.flac
9a1ab9ce9c93748edeb01c19ab1c211e *disc two11-11-04\11 When It's Love.flac

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