[Cover art of 'Pasadena Hilton']
Pasadena Hilton
Format:Compact Disc
Label:Aces High - AH CD 096
Source: Pasadena Hilton - June 13, 1975
Pasadena Convention Center - Pasadena, CA - May 29, 1976

  1. If You Can't Rock Me 3:12
  2. Jean Genie 5:33
  3. Women In Love 4:24
  4. Rock Steady 6:40
  5. Rock 'n Roll Hoochie Koo 7:58
  6. The Fool and Me 4:56
  7. Keep Playin' That Rock 'n Roll 3:44
  8. Eddie & Dave Talking About Recording 1:50
  9. Eddie's Warming Up 7:25
  10. I'm the One (Show Your Love) 4:29

Total Time - 50:16


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The back of 'Pasadena Hilton'

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The inside-back of 'Pasadena Hilton'
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Disc of 'Pasadena Hilton'

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