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Mother's Day
Format:2 LP's
Label:Halen Hearty II (ETS 2565-A/B & 2566-A/B)
Source: The Fabulous Forum - Inglewood, CA - May 13, 1984

    Side 1

  1. Unchained
  2. Hot For Teacher
  3. I'm On Fire
  4. Running With The Devil
  5. Little Guitars

    Side 2

  6. Drop Dead Legs
  7. Michael Anthony On Bass
  8. Jamie's Crying
  9. I'll Wait
  10. Everybody Wants Some Pt.1
  11. David Lee Roth Chats

    Side 3

  12. Everybody Wants Some Pt.2
  13. Girl Gone Bad
  14. 1984
  15. Jump!
  16. Edward Van Halen On Guitar

    Side 4

  17. King Of Wild Guitar
  18. Oh! Pretty Woman
  19. Panama
  20. You Really Got Me Really
  21. Ain't Talking 'Bout Love


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Side 3 of 'Mother's Day'
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