[Cover art of 'Listen Up Eddie']
Listen Up Eddie
Format:Compact Disc
Label:KTS 706AS
Source: Great Western Forum, Inglewood CA, 6-21-81

  1. On Fire 4:06
  2. Sinners Swing 3:52
  3. Hear About It Later 5:56
  4. David Lee Roth Rap 2:57
  5. So This Is Love 3:35
  6. Jamie's Crying 3:44
  7. Running With The Devil 3:43
  8. Dance The Night Away 3:23
  9. Sunday Afternoon In Park 2:04
  10. Romeo Delight 4:50
  11. Everybody Wants Some 4:51
  12. Mean Street 5:15
  13. Eddie's Solo 7:32
  14. Feel Your Love Tonight 3:25
  15. You Really Got Me Going 4:26

Total Time - 62:52


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The back of 'Listen Up Eddie'

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