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Listen to this, Jeff
Format:2 Compact Discs (Homemade CD-R)
Source: Osaka Municipal Central Gymnasium - Osaka City, Osaka, Japan - June 26, 2013

Disc 1
  1. Pre-show Announcement 8:04
  2. Unchained 4:51
  3. Runnin' With The Devil 3:41
  4. She's The Woman 2:58
  5. I'm The One 4:27
  6. Tattoo 4:40
  7. Everybody Wants Some!! 6:59
  8. Somebody Get Me A Doctor 3:31
  9. China Town 3:29
  10. Hear About It Later 5:07
  11. (Oh) Pretty Woman 3:03
  12. Drum Solo 3:08
  13. You Really Got Me 6:27
  14. Dance The Night Away 4:04

Disc 1 Time - 64:30

Disc 2
  1. I'll Wait 5:03
  2. And The Cradle Will Rock... 3:44
  3. Hot For Teacher 5:27
  4. Women In Love... 4:22
  5. Romeo Delight 5:41
  6. Beautiful Girls 3:30
  7. Dave's Short Film "Tokyo Story" 4:47
  8. Dave's Improvisation 2:28
  9. Ice Cream Man 4:29
  10. Panama 3:54
  11. Guitar Solo 9:08
  12. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love 5:19
  13. Jump 5:23
  14. Last Announcement 2:23

Disc 2 Time - 65:39

Total Time - 130:09


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debdcf2b4487ed8d7ac64510efd16780 *FLAC Osaka2nd/00. Pre-show Announcement.flac
9f119e08d9308c2574f2f886527bd309 *FLAC Osaka2nd/01. Unchained.flac
219c39bb1df06013d29a0bcec334691f *FLAC Osaka2nd/02. Runnin' With The Devil.flac
310afa248231acfad910772de2d60614 *FLAC Osaka2nd/03. She's The Woman.flac
2d0e18863e5d5af2ded59188196d97cf *FLAC Osaka2nd/04. I'm The One.flac
13a678609db37a94b1603eddf944aefb *FLAC Osaka2nd/05. Tattoo.flac
70a01ee512f5ce097260e6c2b49f4914 *FLAC Osaka2nd/06. Everybody Wants Some!!.flac
f631986b4f4ac25375f59553e34195fa *FLAC Osaka2nd/07. Somebody Get Me A Doctor.flac
d2cef05c740c92c5da926790a4511977 *FLAC Osaka2nd/08. China Town.flac
dbf65eb358be7dac888395316a0e4e5b *FLAC Osaka2nd/09. Hear About It Later.flac
893569c4d765cefe88bbacff319da7dd *FLAC Osaka2nd/10. (Oh) Pretty Woman.flac
52516fd4407763d45ef76d3bcc02a9db *FLAC Osaka2nd/11. Drum Solo.flac
c901266ead392221528c4c9fb71f99a4 *FLAC Osaka2nd/12. You Really Got Me.flac
afafba6107d9f5f5851b637b9fd018d3 *FLAC Osaka2nd/13. Dance The Night Away.flac
4cbeeb50f6f95fdd5d11c78dd1232299 *FLAC Osaka2nd/14. I'll Wait.flac
ea4e095819671c10ac7a60b17a3acf4e *FLAC Osaka2nd/15. And The Cradle Will Rock.flac
8d4b8c9031d0f0b384c3b2d65338df52 *FLAC Osaka2nd/16. Hot For Teacher.flac
5b90e9885ec40be82733e0811d8cd9a7 *FLAC Osaka2nd/17. Women In Love.flac
a091a18b87fb1710dc50df0989458942 *FLAC Osaka2nd/18. Romeo Delight.flac
b763c936f2d9de964c439871d3928b07 *FLAC Osaka2nd/19. Beautiful Girls.flac
e08a32c6a0e5f32db2a49ad0dc4e5928 *FLAC Osaka2nd/20. Dave's Short Film Tokyo Story.flac
9107aa812c1974227b15e877b66f0fd5 *FLAC Osaka2nd/21. Dave's Improvisation (taken from the lyrics of Relight My Fire).flac
697158f327864833d014a36114be0466 *FLAC Osaka2nd/22. Ice Cream Man.flac
42c0678d0f20610d173eb4c471298f45 *FLAC Osaka2nd/23. Panama.flac
c90ed2e8bfa87f1811c3b9e806a0a267 *FLAC Osaka2nd/24. Guitar Solo.flac
631a5193535bcd6eb34c34722df2ac95 *FLAC Osaka2nd/25. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love.flac
157bab771436955897310a631f30c9b0 *FLAC Osaka2nd/26. Jump.flac
eaf2ca49c41191f3711babc44c0d1c14 *FLAC Osaka2nd/27. Last Announcement.flac

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