[Cover art of 'Like A Time Machine...Where Nothing Changes!']
Like A Time Machine...Where Nothing Changes!
Format:2 Compact Discs (Homemade CD-R)
Source: Pepsi Center - Denver, CO - May 24, 2012

Disc 1
  1. Audience/Unchained 8:02
  2. Runnin' With the Devil 3:45
  3. She's the Woman 2:56
  4. Romeo Delight 5:13
  5. Tattoo 4:32
  6. Everybody Wants Some! 5:57
  7. Somebody Get Me a Doctor 3:53
  8. China Town 3:20
  9. Hear About It Later 4:50
  10. Oh, Pretty Woman 3:04
  11. Alex's Drum Solo 3:11
  12. You Really Got Me 4:21
  13. The Trouble with Never 4:39

Disc 1 Time - 57:43

Disc 2
  1. Dance the Night Away 4:54
  2. I'll Wait 5:06
  3. And The Cradle Will Rock 3:45
  4. Hot For Teacher 5:14
  5. Women in Love 4:26
  6. Beautiful Girls 3:53
  7. Dave's Dogs 3:15
  8. Ice Cream Man 4:20
  9. Panama 5:16
  10. Eddie's Guitar Solo 8:39
  11. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love 5:55
  12. Jump 5:44

Disc 2 Time - 60:26

Total Time - 118:09


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Disc 1 of 'Like A Time Machine...Where Nothing Changes!'
Disc 2 of 'Like A Time Machine...Where Nothing Changes!'


D1T1 Unchained.flac:53b9b376add00ead3af0a6a32cdb634e
D1T2 Runnin With The Devil.flac:ba7cc89b06fb70c898087f645100ef46
D1T3 She's the Woman.flac:09a7043b8810b18be6fa87dca030b641
D1T4 Romeo Delight.flac:403d35b919ddab93e4a5f2039495dac8
D1T5 Tattoo.flac:86651d6e1cbf894e3969e6423d64e8c0
D1T6 Everybody Wants Some.flac:a7aaf9beb41a02289080791b04881077
D1T7 Somebody Get Me A Doctor.flac:59fc30d6112f94adaf03d7ebd8366881
D1T8 China Town.flac:6b7ef696eb9269507bed9a57a4cdb271
D1T9 Hear About It Later.flac:435cd459db36ea1894b88b989b91db6c
D1T10 Oh, Pretty Woman.flac:0c33eaf5f3cc3c5b5cc33c97b45f54b2
D1T11 Alex's Drum Solo.flac:f92e5e00d991886229690339ae96c90f
D1T12 You Really Got Me.flac:8ca4b98e475c70b1e6fb1bf676dcf21e
D1T13 The Trouble With Never.flac:ce10c68ef3386ba2820b499f74972d53
D2T1 Dance The Night Away.flac:8d98803de7e9329b0ecae2718afab597
D2T2 I'll Wait.flac:22cbeef44be76b10b82fec7d3d28ad98
D2T3 And The Cradle Will Rock.flac:98eeef3afc821d5c16e5261fe78813be
D2T4 Hot For Teacher.flac:16eb859ff598555e8f8daa94e21704fb
D2T5 Women In Love.flac:2e6a48c547f03779e4997d0de7c61bb2
D2T6 Beautiful Girls.flac:c4b5dd33b9692f2f5fc0a62f2f44a61f
D2T7 Dave's Dogs.flac:313e2414076a1db918a39dff44330e33
D2T8 Ice Cream Man.flac:4012af81684414cdadf77154903c2265
D2T9 Panama.flac:92f9f23b92a1f3d4f4d00928dfdb6f23
D2T10 Eddie's Guitar Solo.flac:7f878929145781db53e04689fed7b843
D2T11 Ain't Talkin Bout Love.flac:0e4fd82ac6499768b6d7ae3364267ab8
D2T12 Jump.flac:3f2dc09b0f08ec5b9d76f373e58b0399

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