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Indecent In Indiana
Format:2 Compact Discs (CD-R)
Label:Convict Records - CR-040185
Source: Market Square Arena, Indianapolis IN, July 6th, 1984

Disc 1
  1. Unchained
  2. Hot For Teacher
  3. On Fire
  4. Running With The Devil
  5. Little Guitars
  6. Cathedral / House Of Pain
  7. Jamie's Cryin'
  8. I'll Wait
  9. Everybody Wants Some

Disc 1 Time - ??:??

Disc 2
  1. Girl Gone Bad
  2. 1984
  3. Jump
  4. Listen To This Jimmy
  5. Pretty Woman
  6. Panama
  7. You Really Got Me

Disc 2 Time - ??:??

Total Show Time - ???:??


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