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Eddie Van Halen: Guitar Man
Format:Compact Disc
Label:Gema - EVH001
Source: Soundboard 1977-1983

  1. Eruption 0:27
  2. Eruption 2:07
  3. Hot For Teacher 2:12
  4. You Really Got Me 1:41
  5. Runnin' With The Devil 1:27
  6. Ain't Talkin Bout Love 2:35
  7. Panama 3:05
  8. Somebody Get Me A Doctor 1:49
  9. Jamie's Crying 1:34
  10. House of Pain / Solo Bits 20:35

Total Time - 37:32

Track 10 expanded:
Girl Gone Bad 8:19 (jam session with Alex and Mike, but no vocals)
Solo practice 1:19
House of Pain 0:44
Solo Practice 0:55
Panama 0:13
Solo Practice 1:20
House of Pain 1:30
Solo Practice 1:40
House of Pain 0:49
Solo Riff 0:30
Top of the World 0:31
Solo Practice 2:35


The first 9 tracks are fake! It is not Edward Van Halen, it is Curt Mitchell from an instructional guitar video titled, Learn To Burn. However, the last track (the long one) is real. (i.e, Ed)

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