[Cover art of 'Gazzari's 1974']
Gazzari's 1974
Format:Compact Disc (Homemade CD-R)
Label:BF 2010
Source: Gazzari's West Hollywood - 1974

  1. Hallelujah (Deep Purple cover) 0:42
  2. Maybe I'm A Leo (Deep Purple cover) 2:58
  3. We All Had A Real Good Time (Edgar Winter cover) 3:06
  4. Walk Away (Joe Walsh cover) 4:52
  5. Can't Get Enough (Bad Company cover) 4:25
  6. If You Can't Rock Me (Rolling Stones cover) 3:04
  7. Might Just Take Your Life (Deep Purple cover) 3:53
  8. Make It Last (Montrose cover) 6:10

Total Time - 29:10


[Back of 'Gazzari's 1974']
The back of 'Gazzari's 1974'

The inside of 'Gazzari's 1974'
The disc of 'Gazzari's 1974'
An alternate cover for 'Gazzari's 1974'

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