[Cover art of 'Eatin' Schenker's for Breakfast']
Eatin' Schenker's for Breakfast
Format:Compact Disc (CD-R)
Label:Bonedog (BONE 01)
Source: The Goldenwest Ballroom, Norwalk, CA, May 9, 1976

  1. On Fire
  2. Show Your Love
  3. Last Child (A-Smith)
  4. Tush (ZZ Top)
  5. The Rover (Led Zep)
  6. Let's Get Rockin' (Unreleased VH)
  7. Ice Cream Man
  8. Last Night (Orig Version "Hang Em High")
  9. Eruption
  10. We Die Young (Unreleased VH)
  11. Somebody Get Me A Doctor
  12. Babe Don't Leave Me Alone (Unreleased VH)
  13. Let Me Swim (Cactus)
  14. She's The Woman (Unreleased VH)

Total Time - ?:??


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The back of 'Eatin' Schenker's for Breakfast'

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