[Cover art of 'Die Laughing']
Die Laughing
Label:(unknown) V-77-A/B
Source: Civic Auditorium - Pasadena, CA - October 15, 1977

    Side 1

  1. On Fire
  2. Feel Your Love Tonite
  3. Runnin' With The Devil
  4. Atomic Punks
  5. Little Dreamer
  6. Somebody Get Me A Doctor

    Side 2

  7. Ice Cream Man
  8. Ain't Talkin' Bout Love
  9. Eruption
  10. D.O.A.
  11. You Really Got Me


The LP of 'Die Laughing'
Multi Coloured cover of 'Die Laughing'
Multi Coloured LP of 'Die Laughing'

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