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Covers Band From Pasadena
Format:Compact Disc
Label:Ready Go! (RG CD 001)
Source: Live at Aeros Bogarts, San Bernarndino, CA 1976

  1. Believe Me (unreleased VH) 4:44
  2. Show Your Love (VH) 5:25
  3. Intro 1:42
  4. Last Child (Aerosmith) 2:52
  5. Live For The Music (Bad Co.) 3:18
  6. Running With The Devil (VH) 3:27
  7. The Rover (Led Zeppelin) 4:32
  8. Sweet Emotion (Aerosmith) 7:04
  9. Waiting For The Bus (ZZ Top) 3:56
  10. Walk This Way (Aerosmith) 3:45
  11. Superstitious (Stevie Wonder) 9:23
  12. Still Alive & Well (Johny Winter) 2:54
  13. Firehouse (Kiss) 3:07
  14. Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers (ZZ Top) 3:14
  15. Keep Playing That Rock 'n Roll (Johny Winter) 3:47
  16. Twist & Shout (Isley Bros.) 2:19
  17. 30 Days In The Hole (Humble Pie) 8:13
    Francine (ZZ Top)
    Goodbye to Jane (Slade)

Total Time - 73:36


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