[Cover art of 'Civic Disobedience']
Civic Disobedience
Format:Compact Disc (Homemade CD-R)
Label:Live1 Productions - 053076
Source: Conference Building - Pasadena Convention Center - Pasadena, CA - May 29, 1976

  1. On Fire 3:40
  2. Somebody Get Me A Doctor 4:40
  3. Babe Don't Leave Me Alone 3:54
  4. Show Your Love 4:53
  5. Runnin' With The Devil 3:56
  6. Let Me Swim 6:34
  7. Let's Get Rockin' 3:01
  8. Eyes Of The Night 4:46
  9. Simple Rhyme 5:11
  10. La Grange 5:54
  11. Honolulu Baby 2:43
  12. Eruption 2:50
  13. House Of Pain 3:20
  14. I Live With Fools 5:20

Total Time - 60:42


[Back of 'Civic Disobedience']
The back of 'Civic Disobedience'

The inside-back of 'Civic Disobedience'
The under-tray of 'Civic Disobedience'


01-On Fire.flac:7c24656de75a69ea15b22fe3c1bc122d
02-Somebody Get Me A Doctor.flac:8f004414553586b3e98731679c26e346
03-Babe Don't Leave Me Alone.flac:77999d8d560627b8cc9ca35bde461d27
04-Show Your Love.flac:86a41f1323585784094cd676e7ff4840
05-Runnin' With The Devil.flac:ba52b3d65c194476b6ab3a539940b886
06-Let Me Swim.flac:f0ac15cd8a4fe5f71cb72869948e69bc
07-Let's Get Rockin'.flac:1d81c7d77fc29a5befdf75c463598ccd
08-Eyes Of The Night.flac:e2c080d15ad6881e9f67f76f9b616f9e
09-Simple Rhyme.flac:9d45434dce6cc3ee21d91050e0e9f7c1
10-La Grange.flac:dc742866246bec4a797ba3ef2cb16c3f
11-Honolulu Baby.flac:bf630eba690f9ab70072a0c48bdbe0ed
13-House Of Pain.flac:d9d257bd17292a1a9da12221705d1603
14-I Live With Fools.flac:4851218f01b60ab5d6c024f922cd76aa

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