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Cherokee Demos
Format:Compact Disc (Homemade CD-R)
Source: Cherokee Studios - Chatworth, CA - 1974

  1. Angel Eyes 2:51
  2. Believe Me 2:46
  3. Simple Rhyme 3:38
  4. Take Your Whiskey Home 3:43

Total Time - 13:00




VH Cherokee Demos 01 Angel Eyes.flac:b623db7ad782e005d267397f6d34ead1
VH Cherokee Demos 02 Believe Me.flac:3f6e15e5a4a5570f0134f0792eb67c4b
VH Cherokee Demos 03 Simple Rhyme.flac:5681886de09b605336f5bbc2ab31db64
VH Cherokee Demos 04 Take Your Whiskey Home.flac:a8ca9a30a67c8a2da89836220eec0c9c

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