['June 10, 1977 (First Set)' cover art needed]
June 10, 1977 (First Set)
Format:Compact Disc (Homemade CD-R)
Source: The Whiskey A Go-Go - Hollywood, CA - June 10, 1977

  1. Get The Show On The Road 3:36
  2. Feel Your Love Tonight 4:01
  3. Runnin' With The Devil 4:17
  4. Atomic Punk 3:17
  5. Little Dreamer 3:03
  6. Voodoo Queen 4:50
  7. Show No Mercy 3:46
  8. Guitar Solo 4:20
  9. Somebody Get Me A Doctor 4:52
  10. Show Your Love 4:57
  11. Bottoms Up! 4:32

Total Time - 45:37




VH6-10-771st show 01.flac:7e211e6251921b7392fef96388fe6cfa
VH6-10-771st show 02.flac:d72b872807347211e89d1d211c20270d
VH6-10-771st show 03.flac:f134b88a34a05a03815848c3aeda8408
VH6-10-771st show 04.flac:1521849e0a08547bfedc9b0bb5081a2f
VH6-10-771st show 05.flac:ab68a79749ac958dfaa6e764aa79e941
VH6-10-771st show 06.flac:c4095ae57b6825ace6200fbc5454fcf1
VH6-10-771st show 07.flac:e67d974d0c555d5f684370f260c8dc0f
VH6-10-771st show 08.flac:de1197b6d55eea18e73adfa32e31231e
VH6-10-771st show 09.flac:52b69efd09812bd2e199529aaf47f800
VH6-10-771st show 10.flac:2660d7a7c968a4a8591371e02618ff57
VH6-10-771st show 11.flac:1d9622ffee07c7a49b68ed6aedd34508

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