['May 5, 2012 (zososhane69)' cover art needed]
May 5, 2012 (zososhane69)
Format:Compact Disc (Homemade CD-R)
Source: Tacoma Dome - Tacoma, WA - May 5, 2012

  1. Unchained 5:58
  2. Runnin' With The Devil 3:38
  3. She's The Woman 2:55
  4. The Full Bug 1:57
  5. Tattoo 2:40
  6. Everybody Wants Some 8:26
  7. Somebody Get Me A Doctor 3:45
  8. China Town 3:24
  9. Hear About It Later 4:53
  10. Pretty Woman 3:20
  11. Drum Solo 2:15
  12. Drum Solo (cont.) 0:48
  13. You Really Got Me 4:59
  14. The Trouble With Never 4:32
  15. Dance The Night Away 5:31
  16. I'll Wait 5:04
  17. Hot For Teacher 5:25
  18. Women In Love 4:24
  19. Outta Love Again 2:35

Total Time - 76:29




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496ba7769902e4906b3cea11ee5a43d1 *VAN HALEN TACOMA 02.flac
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b255f801c153be1e998411f8e1f7593d *VAN HALEN TACOMA 05.flac
5f7728faa16fc680b590877851c1da49 *VAN HALEN TACOMA 06.flac
b37f5cc8e0e977dd42f4ea7222936e4d *VAN HALEN TACOMA 07.flac
a371e02799d5d11b4755ffdee383e143 *VAN HALEN TACOMA 08.flac
9cb1dd05d9191b8e05168eb95a7b4508 *VAN HALEN TACOMA 09.flac
8158833ccf88a196e422e4e0bd5e94e6 *VAN HALEN TACOMA 10.flac
e5b74d7e79477debaa1698e8c51458ef *VAN HALEN TACOMA 11.flac
d58daf3e897408050e91e4d1a88a2de2 *VAN HALEN TACOMA 12.flac
a002ecf66905edce067e601c8978333d *VAN HALEN TACOMA 13.flac
5830a7e8632237f559f812246f16198b *VAN HALEN TACOMA 14.flac
3b0319c7321970e9daa8e2c008a0defa *VAN HALEN TACOMA 15.flac
55a423756d17fc75dff69acf6597cb96 *VAN HALEN TACOMA 16.flac
51862ae70c25be342372be5bc21df67c *VAN HALEN TACOMA 17.flac
4d150bcd40932524aa6e5eb7e875b4da *VAN HALEN TACOMA 18.flac
ae073efe8ab1b1836fc5e59c617f61ac *VAN HALEN TACOMA 19.flac

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